Elevation 88

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Property Management

Elevation 88 provides a full property management services for landlords and owner occupiers. Even with experience, managing a property can be a full-time job. One you do not need if you already have a full-time job or live overseas.



Key Points for choosing Elevation 88 for your property requirements


" You save time and money as Elevation 88 completes the initial research “


" You are introduced to investment opportunities before they are brought to  the market “


" Your investment is managed to the highest degree to maximise returns “


" Elevation 88 liaises between building disciplines and suppliers thus ensuring no 'dead' site time “


" Your property is handed over ready for sale/leasing with no snags “


" You and/or your client have a single point of contact 24/7 “

Property Maintenance

Our property maintenance work is carried out via one of our Partners.


However where we differ is that as we have numerous contacts with third party contractors so we are also able to provide service from any of our preferred contractors to ensure we always have someone available for the job in hand.



From our network of agents, buyers, landlords and clients we are able to source, assess and present many opportunities for both investment and for owner/occupiers.


Refurbishment / Development

From our past experience in looking after client refurbishments we are able to offer the following services: