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It is important that your property is managed effectively whether you are staying at the property, using it as holiday home or letting the property to tenants.


The latter has certain legal requirements which should be adhered to when renting your property to tenants. At Elevation 88 we aim to provide a fully comprehensive service and detail from the outset maintenance plans and costs to enable you to budget and ensure all aspects of your property are taken care of.


We find many properties that have been poorly maintained and or neglected without the owner's knowledge thus having to spend money on replacing items that where designed to last "a lifetime".


All investments need maintenance and updating to preserve and increase their value. Elevation 88 is ideally suited to provide this service. With an in depth knowledge of the latest technologies for our high end clients and suggestions as to improvements which will enhance the property's value will be presented for consideration.


Our close ties with maintenance companies and contractors and our experience in property development means we are able to instruct the correct trade to deal with any issue promptly and effectively.


Elevation 88 is not only able to deal with any issues that arise as part of management but we can also offer the following services as part of our management contract:



Each management contract is tailored to the individual property and to the client's specific requirements.


However where we differ is that we are also able to offer you full project management of any improvement or development works you may require from planning, design to completing the works via our list of partners.


Improvements and developments can be numerous from: