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Overview of both previous and current experiences, projects and developments from the associates and consultants working at Elevation 88.


This is to show case both our past and current achievements in order to provide a level of confidence in our experience.  





CASE 1 : The brief was to install a very discrete background music system to a central London club/bar based in Kensington & Chelsea, which had to match the clients specific design and budgetary requirements. A DJ system was also installed with an IPOD dock to allow the BAR full Control. Equipment installed included, Genelec Active Monitors where fitted and where specially imported directly from Genelec in white to match the clients requirements. The DJ console included two Denon CD players, Two Techniques SL1210 record decks along with a Cloud Limiter/Compressor and 4 channel zoner to allow the client full protection and control of sound levels in each area.


CASE 2: The brief was to add value to a high end newly refurbished apartment in central London, by the addition of two plasma screens (one to the main living area, other to a bedroom) and the addition of a high definition DVD player and unobtrusive sound system. The equipment installed matched both the design and value for the property and fell within the clients budget. Within a short time the property was sold. Due to the aftermarket installation the equipment we specified and installed ensured little or no additional building work was required.


CASE 1 : Project Management of an office refurbishment in London W1, the total project budget was £200,000 GBP and the refurbishment was carried out within budget and on time. Works involved a total re-design of the ground floor and basement show room with interconnection of I.T, Servers, Fire and Intruder Alarm to the rest of the building. Also light works to the rest of the upper floors with upgrade and implementation of new I.T and phone infrastructure.


CASE 2 : Project Management of residential development in Knightsbridge, the total cost of the works was £1,200,00 GBP. A full scale strip out and part re-build and dig down of basement to add more square footage and head height with removal and inclusion of a new stair case to the property and installation of new drainage, electrical, roof, audio video and lighting system. Works included full planning and management of the team involved at all levels from the general contractors, alarm companies, architects, audio visual companies, etc. The property was sold shortly after completion and then subsequently rented by the new owners, management of the property continued.


CASE 3: Project Management and Specification of works to add air conditioning, audio / video system and CCTV to a private architectural new build home just outside London. Works included the wiring and installation of a new CCTV system that could be monitored remotely by the owner. Addition of air conditioning to the property, ensuring there was no infringement on planning or conservation area consent and maintain the look and feel of the property by thinking outside the box and building enclosures for the external condensers and hiding of the pipe work within custom down pipes. Works to enhance and fully modernise existing audio / video system to include a distributed system throughout the property and ensuring the system works to the clients requirements which included the integration and installation of a colouring changing LED light system. The project ran on time and to budget and involved major works to allow the cabling to be installed and hidden from site.


CASE 4: Project Management and Specification of works to add a remote CCTV system to a clients private châteaux in France, set in 1,000 hectors of land the client required a remotely accessible system where he could monitor the grounds (internal and external cameras), works included firstly the setting out of three proposal of varying degrees of technical specification of the system and then implementing the chosen system. Works involved the installation of a new fibre data feed to the property and liking and installation of around 24 cameras to the property. Works where completed on time and within budget.


CASE 1:  Management of 3 luxury adjoining private homes in Mayfair. Total combined value of the assets  in the region of £60 million GBP. All three properties were later sold, two of which remained in management for the new owners and the third underwent major refurbishment works carried out by the new owner.  All properties were grade II listed.


Works included:



CASE 2 : Management of 2 town houses in Kensington & Chelsea for an overseas client, one property was being rented on their behalf and the other was used as their holiday home. Works included looking after the day to day maintenance and running of the properties and handling enquiries and issues raised by the tenants and ensuring health & safety legislation was maintained such as the Landlords Safety Certificates, etc. Properties where within a conservation area.


CASE 3: Management of two apartments within a block of five apartments in Kensington & Chelsea. Both apartments where rented and works included looking after the day to day maintenance and running of the properties and handling enquiries and issues raised by the tenants and ensuring health & safety legislation was maintained such as the Landlords Safety Certificates, etc. Works also included liasing with the building management company to assist with and ensure any works to the fabric of the building also progressed and where maintained.  Providing a report and statement of accounts to the owners was also provided as well carrying out any refurbishment works to ensure the rental value of the property was maintained.


CASE 4: Management of two luxury homes that had been recently developed, one property in Knightsbridge and other in Marylebone, each had installed Lutron Light Systems, Modern Heating and Cooling Systems, Crestron Audio/Video, Intruder alarm systems, Fire panels.  Works included the day to day running and maintenance of the properties and setting up of the relevant maintenance contracts.


CASE 5: Management of a commercial office in W1 set over basement and ground floor showroom and 2 floors of office space along with a top floor apartment and adjoining mews office space.  Works included looking after the day to day maintenance and running of the property and ensuring health & safety legislation was maintained such as the Landlords Safety Certificates, fire alarm maintenance, intruder alarm maintenance, fire extinguisher maintenance, air conditioning maintenance, etc.  Also in charge of running and maintenance of the office I.T and Telephone systems which included both an exchange server and blackberry server.  The commercial property was listed and within a conservation area therefore special considerations apply.


CASE 6: Management of a private architect designed new build property in Richmond, a modern property with air conditioning, intelligent LED light system, remote CCTV required management and understanding of the latest technologies on behalf of the owner, ensuring the property was well maintained and remained secure was of up-most importance to the client.


CASE 7: Management of a block of 10 apartments in WC1. Working with the tenants to ensure the building is well maintained and elements neglected in previous years were addressed, this also included the settlement and closure of open issues with the adjoining property. Looking after the day to day maintenance and addressing any issues with the common areas, boiler, roof and cleaning for the block.


Works include:



CASE 8: Management of a set of apartments in W2 for overseas private clients, looking after any issues raised by the housekeepers, addressing any issues and improvements raised by the owners. Also informing our clients of any issues or improvements noted during our inspections. Addressing any looking after any insurance claims and dealing with the building management company and liasing with the porters to ensure the apartments are well maintained at all times.


Works include:



CASE 9: Management of an office in W1 consisting of ground floor plus two upper floors. Maintaining the cleaning and maintenance of the boilers and ensuring works required are quoted, authorised and booked in a timely fashion, statement of accounts sent at regular intervals and any health & safety concerns are highlighted and addressed if required.